#2 Bisexual Playground Review


Having visited the bisexualplayground.com website, it becomes easier to understand why it’s one of the best in its category. Further confirmation is its relatively high rating of an average of a 4 out of 5 stars. Designed for bisexuals of all orientations,including open-minded bi couples and bi curious people, the site is designed for anyone to explore.

The Site’s Perculiarities:

While other sites in its class usually require paid membership for you to access their
services, the Bisexual Playground website removes this bottleneck by offering both
free and paid flexible membership plans. And better still is the fact that, no matter
your membership plan or status, you have a shot at bisexual dating and the
opportunity to reach out to other bisexual personals on the platform because, all
members are able to upload pictures and a complete profile detailing what they would
want other members to know about them.
Getting More Out Of Bisexual Playground
Making proper use of this profile feature can save you the hassles of having to answer
repeat questions from other members who’d wish to know more about you. You may
detail your personality, your likes and dislikes, or any other information you’d like to
Though it would be far-fetched to try and include this website among the very best in
its category, because obviously, there’s still room for further improvements but, I'd
like to think that the site managers are aware and working on this. Yet trust me when I
say that it’s equipped with all the basic features you’ll need to successfully find
bisexual personals and kick off your bisexual dating fantasy. But if you want morefeatures which the free membership doesn’t offer, the paid subscription plans is as
seen below.

Subscription Plans:

1. 1 month: $20 per month
2. 3 months: $13:33 per month
3. 6 months: $10 per month
4. 12 months $6.67 per month

Website Features:

The features you get as a member on BisexualPlayground.com depends on your
membership plan, whether free or gold membership
Basic Features:
1. Create your own profile, upload pictures, read profile of other members and view
their pictures.
2. Integrated email client allows you communicate with other members
3. Chat with other bisexuals with instant messaging
4. You may choose to join a photo uploading contest or just enjoy the fun of uploading
your own photo album

Special Features:
1. Access to customer support service at anytime or get answers to basic questions in
the FAQs section
2.Access to discussion forums with opportunity to make comments or creating your
own new thread
3.The advanced search tool integration on the website allows you to make searches
based on your individual criteria.

Final Analysis:

There are lots of activities to engage visitors of the Bisexual Playground website as I
have listed above. With a large user-base, there’s no limit to the fun you can catch
with other bisexual men or women. You can also download pictures and videos or
chat with interested bisexual singles or individuals.
Though more improvements are needed for the website, there’s a mobile device-
friendly app which is an option to the website version. And with affordable flexible
subscription options, there’s no limit to the opportunity of finding interesting, bisexual
personals for bisexual dating on this site.