#4 Bisexual Passions Review

Most people don’t realize it, but bisexuals are actually more discriminated against from gays and lesbians than from straight people. Some don’t even take them seriously, nor do they believe that bisexuals exist at all. It comes to no surprise then why bisexual community would need a dedicated dating site that shields them from such bigotry.

BisexualPassions.com is one such dating site, exclusively aimed at bisexual
community, either for bisexual couples, singles, or even bi-curious singles who would
like to broaden their sexual horizons.

However, only if you opt for gold membership can you take full advantage of the
site’s main features, including::

– Chatroom, under the condition of having a chat photo. Although there are currently
not many people online, due to the relatively recent launch of the service, this feature
tends to be a solid base for growth as it encourages daily social interaction, instead of
just two-way messaging.

– Your profile can hold up to 10 photos.

– You can open your own blog, as well as post on forums, all under one profile.

– It seems that other activities are encouraged, as you can upload various videos,
including video games. This shows prudent thinking given how most relationships
start through activities that are not explicitly focused on the act of dating.

– Along with forums, blogs, and chatrooms, you can also join the “Podcast Buddies”
program and the “Newsletter Buddies”, both of which allow you to further extend
your social reach and engagement, thus increasing the chances of meeting someone
you really like.

– “Smooch” is a clever feature that makes you evade the anxiety of sending an email
message, so that other person is simply notified of your interest, which can be a good
starting point if both of you have well-developed profiles, and have contributed in
aforementioned social reach programs.

Additional benefits you will receive when you upgrade:

– All banner adds are removed across the site, for only $ 4.95 per month.

– As BisexualPassions.com is a part of a much larger Passions Network (over 245
sites with many more planned for the future), you will gain full access to all of them.
Furthermore, you will know if other members would be included by the gold stars on
their profile photos.

– Given how there are almost 3.5 million members across the entire network, you
stand a reasonable chance of meeting just the right person for you.

Potential privacy concerns:

– Your privacy is protected with the option of removing your profile from all public
search engines. That includes your name, email address, home address, and phone
number. However, your basic profile information, like nickname, can be available to
search engines.


Bisexual women and men have, inherently, the largest pool of partners to choose
from. However, that does not necessarily mean that they do not face difficulties when
dating. A specialized hook up site like bisexualpassions.com provides all the features
one would think of, and more, for the successful realization of finding a bi partner.